About Pardi Batch

Pardi Batch is inspired by the country star Jon Pardi’s music and energetic live performances.  Like his hit songs, our whiskey starts with the best ingredients all working together in perfect harmony. The perfect notes come together to create 2 masterpieces: Pardi Batch 112 Bourbon and Pardi Batch Tennessee Whiskey.
When Jon decided to create his own whiskey brand he knew he needed to join forces with the best of the best.  By partnering with Tennessee based gold medal award winning whiskey brand Buffalo Chip Spirits, he is sure to bring home some awards himself.  
“We create our mash with only the finest grains and purest water, then slowly age our whiskey to perfection in charred oak barrels. 
“Only the best of the best makes it into my Pardi Batch!” – Jon

Jon pardi

A “hero in the making,” ACM and CMA award-winning entertainer Jon Pardi is noted for his long-lasting mark on the genre and his impressive ability to carve out his own path creating the kind of country music multiple generations came to know, and love can still work on a mass scale. Filled with fiddle, twang and steel guitar, Pardi continues to apply new ideas to country’s old sounds and bring authenticity back into Country music. For more information, visit jonpardi.com.


Buffalo Chip Spirits was formed in 2019.  With the spirit of Nashville and the legendary Sturgis Buffalo Chip in mind, they have since released 2 gold medal winning whiskey’s (Buffalo Chip American Whiskey, Woody’s Reserve Bourbon).  Pardi Batch is the newest addition to the Buffalo Chip family.

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